PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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5. Competence for integrated research for development and action research

Competence is at the heart of any transformation process. In agricultural research, there are huge challenges to operate in a different way as the research methodologies were rather rigid and well-cast in the past. A new research paradigm therefore requires a substantial effort towards changing the mindsets and behaviour of staff at all levels as well as new skills and conceptual and operational modalities. 
PICOTEAM members have been centrally involved in such competence development processes in many contexts and levels ranging from local to international research institutes. The main approaches and services are: 

  • Design of iterative learning and coaching processes and programmes for implementation teams
  • Facilitation, training and coaching of longer-term programmes
  • Tailor-made training and learning courses (incl. short courses) for various levels of staff
  • Facilitation of team development and personal development to support the behavioural change required
  • Facilitating the negotiation between the practitioners and the managers in development of new research management methods and systems accommodating action research approaches