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Our Experiences

Project REVIEW of PARTNERSHIP MANAGEMENT in the International Forestry Research Centre (CIFOR), Indonesia
Duration 04. - 11.2005
Country / Region Global / International Organisation / Indonesia
Services delivered Conceptual design of review with CIFOR task team, facilitation of self-assessment sessions, Visit of CIFOR sites in Indonesia (Bogor, Kalimantan), Cameroon, and Zimbabwe. Participatory analysis of partnerships
Achievements Research partnerships are the backbone of CIFOR’s operations as a ‘research centre without walls’.

Thus, the review tried to categorise and systematise CIFOR’s experience in managing partnerships. With this framework the different partnership arrangements were analysed for their merits for leveraging efficiency (research capacity), enhancing CIFOR’s mission and impact, enhancing capacity building in partners.

The review was built around facilitated self-assessments of partnerships by CIFOR staff and partners in a systemic way, external perspectives and in-depth analysis of outcomes with teams. The review came out with a range of recommendations to enhance partnerships and a common framework for partnership management.
Partners CIFOR
Funding Organisation CIFOR
PICOTEAM members involved Dr. Jürgen Hagmann
Links / Publications

The partnership management guide was internally published as:

Hagmann, J. (2005) ‘Report on a Centre-Commissioned External Review (CCER) on CIFOR’s Partnerships’, CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia (44 pages)