PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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Our Experiences

Project Poverty Reduction through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Cross-border Catchment Area of Río Artibonito
Duration 03.2008 - ongoing
Country / Region Haiti and Dominican Republic
Services delivered
  • Enhancing cross-border communication and joint action
  • Strengthening of Service Provider Organisations for the Rural Poor
  • Local Organisational Development of Farmer Organisations and Local Communities.
  • Strengthening Local Governments in watershed management issues
  • Local Economic Development in the agricultural / forestry sector
  • Participatory Land Management Planning
  • Value chains: Promotion of product quality and processing facilities
  • Supporting farmer organisations in getting access to markets
Achievements The project is a regional venture of GTZ. It contributes to reducing poverty of the rural poor and guaranteeing the long term water supply, with support from the State and civil society through sustainable management of the Artibonito river watershed.

Our team focuses on strengthening state and civil society service provider organisations in both countries regarding the sustainable management of natural resources.
Furthermore, it supports the development of alternative production methods and the commercialization of agricultural and forestry produce of smallholder farmers.

The project also contributes to the sustainable local economic development of specific value chains:

  • Sustainable goat keeping
  • Forestry in forest plantations and natural forests
  • Horticulture from homegardens
Partners The project is implemented through the joint venture of PICO dominicana and GFA Consulting Group

Local NGOs and farmer associations, governmental service provider organisations, municipalities, other cooperation projects (KfW, EU)
Funding Organisation GTZ
PICOTEAM members involved Henning Peter, Angela Tejada and 4 associated consultants (long-term)
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