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Our Experiences

Project STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Kenya
Duration March – April 2005 and further involvement in 2007
Country / Region Kenya
Services delivered Design of the strategic planning process, facilitation of planning workshop, guidance of the write up and contribution of certain sections, guidance of the launch event, further coaching towards development of the implementation plan.
Achievements KARI’s strategic plan 2005-2015 was developed in a four stage process:
  • design and analytical work with a task team of KARI
  • consultation and planning workshop with management and staff
  • further analysis and write up of the document with the task force
  • official launch with feedback of stakeholders and finalisation
The strategic planning process resulted in a re-orientation of the institute towards value chain development which opened up the institute’s research approach to a stronger development orientation. It also made the development of new institutional arrangements an explicit goal within the strategy.

The strategy was very well received by the board and the stakeholders as a move towards making a difference with impact.

PICOTEAM was also consulted in the development of the operational plan, based on the new strategy in 2007.
Partners KARI and its stakeholders
Funding Organisation KARI
PICOTEAM members involved Dr. Jürgen Hagmann
Links / Publications


The new strategic plan was published by KARI. Download from this website: