PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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Henning Peter

Henning Peter  Team Leader Latin America



Henning’s major interests in the past few years have centred on facilitating change in local communities and service provider organisations. He focuses on local organisational development, integrated natural resource management and process & project management in the context of sustainable rural development.

He has long-term experiences in projects of bilateral cooperation in Latin America, where he has managed participatory forest management and integrated watershed management projects in Chile, Brazil and the Dominican Republic since the early nineties together with public, private and the NGO sector organisations. Henning also has short-term experience in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and South Africa. He has joined PICOTEAM in 2005 after his long-term assignment in the Dominican Republic and is presently managing the organisation. Besides his work in training, management, coaching and backstopping of PICO staff involved in long- and short-term consultancies, he has also joined project preparation and evaluation missions for GTZ, KfW and UNDP.

Since 2007 he is engaged in forest certification according to the FSC scheme and also in private sector small-scale investments in sustainable forestry.Henning pursues an integrated approach in his work where he tries to bring together social, economic and technical dimensions as well as policy and institutional issues when dealing with the development challenges in his fields of practice. 

Henning was originally trained at the Technical University of Weihenstephan, Germany as a Forest Engineer, and in addition did a second M.Sc. in “Participatory Forest Management and Extension” at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.