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Our Experiences

Project Development of a Partnership Management System at ILRI
Duration 2005 - 2007
Country / Region South Africa 
Global / International Organisation / Kenya
Services delivered Conceptual design, facilitation and guidance of task teams, coaching, technical advice, workshop facilitation, write up of sections
Achievements Starting off with a review of partnerships in ILRI, PICOTEAM designed and facilitated a process to develop a partnership management system which anchors an effective management of partnerships at institutional-strategic level, programme and project level. Task teams of ILRI staff and managers were guided in the design of their own partnership management system. The ‘Guide to ILRI’s Partnerships’ includes the alignment towards effective partnership management of:
  • the different stages of the project cycle from the idea stage to wrapping up;
  • the quality management system;
  • the performance and reward system,
  • the administrative / financial system;
  • the human resource development system.
The main result of the initiative was the operationalisation of the partnership as stressed in ILRI’s strategy in a systemic manner in the whole organisation. The system was approved by the board and implemented through the different levels of management. PICO is still involved in advising the development of competence of staff.
Partners ILRI
Funding Organisation ILRI
PICOTEAM members involved Dr. Jürgen Hagmann
Links / Publications

For download, please click here: http://www.ilri.org/

The partnership management guide was published as:
 ILRI (2008): ILRI’s Partnership Strategy and Management System, International Livestock Research Centre, Nairobi. (61 pages).


The guide was developed by an ILRI task force on partnerships instituted by the Directorate of Partnerships and Communication and guided by Jürgen Hagmann from PICOTEAM Ltd (external consultant/facilitator). It forms part of a Centre-Commissioned External Review. The main contributors at ILRI were: Tom Randolph, Bruce Scott, Nick Hooton, Brigitte Laude, Joep van Binsbergen, Azage, Tegegne, Danny Romney, Richard Fulss, Rose Ndegwa, Ponniah Anandajayasekeram, Veryl Adell, Gertrude Buyu, Asfaw Negassa and Veronica Waiyaki.